Horse Rescue Services

Horses, Ponies, Drafts,or what have you – All Breeds of all ages are welcome here.  Some come from neglected situations, some have been abused.  Others left unfed come to us malnourished.  Some are lucky and nothing is wrong they have served their purpose and a small child has grown up and moved on.   They may have come from an auction to avoid slaughter or the unknown.  Whatever their situation or their circumstances they come.

Once they are here the rehabilitation begins. Each horse is individually assessed and goals or a program are established to meet their needs.  The vet may immediately be required.  Many times when they first arrive the farrier needs to be contacted because the hooves are completely overgrown.  Hands on care must be regularly provided to acknowledge their dietary needs, medical needs, grooming needs, training and even their level of trust with their new human caregiver.

Those that come from an abusive situation may not trust us and it could prove to be unsafe for the horse as well as the handler.  Horses that come malnourished may become aggressive at feed time.  All actions by the horses and the volunteers must be discussed and kept up to date so that all involved can be safe and their recovery can be on a positive path.

We hope you will stop by and visit the residents here and maybe even volunteer some of your time.  You may find the benefits rewarding.